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Cat Boarding Information

Our cat condos provide a unique, beautiful, healthy and safe alternative to traditional cage confinement, where cats can truly feel at home! The cat condos are 6’ 8” tall, with a 30” by 30” outside dimension. This offers 22.07 sq. ft. of space for cats to exercise and play - equivalent to a 4’ x 5’5 ft room!

Our condos are four stories high and include a built in ventilation system. The four stories provide a 1st level hide-away potty area which keeps the litter box within reach while maintaining privacy behind a hardwood door, a 2nd level dining and scratchpost area, 3rd level play area, and a 4th level bedroom loft. We spend a lot of time making sure your cat is well adjusted and comfortable in their new environment. We also provide lots and lots of TLC!!!

Steps make it easy for kittens and older cats to maneuver from level to level. Many safety features have been added to ensure your cat will not escape. Much to their liking, cats are boarded away from the dogs in a completely separate building.

We feed twice a day. It is always advisable to bring your own food to help keep you cat’s flora balanced. If you do not provide your own, we feed Iams at no extra cost. We will take care of any special meal accommodations, supplements, or medicines, at no extra cost (as long as you bring the supplies). If you choose to bring your own food, please bring only what is necessary and label it clearly with your cat’s name. We provide food and water dishes which are sanitized between every use.

Vaccination records must be provided by time of drop off or cat will not be able to board with us.

Required vaccinations are:
- within the last 3 years
- within the last 3 years

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