At Bayview Pet Resort you can feel free to stop by during our business hours anytime. Tours are ALWAYS welcome!!!

Dog Boarding Information

We offer three sizes of secure indoor kennel runs. Our small run is 4’ x 12’ (large enough to accommodate more than one dog, depending on size). Our medium run is approximately 6’ x 12’ and can accommodate two or more large dogs, or several small dogs. Our large run is 8’ x 12’ and can accommodate a large family, or several large dogs. Our boarding facility is kept heated at 65 degrees in the winter, and stays nice and cool in the summer. Classical music is played throughout. A lot of effort is put into keeping barking under control, which in turn reduces anxiety, so that your dog(s) can relax and enjoy their stay. Each dog is provided their own individual Kuranda bed ( and a cozy blanket. If preferred, Mom and Dad are welcome to bring bedding from home. We take great pride in keeping our facility immaculate! Owners live on the premises!

Here at Bayview Pet Resort, we believe in communal play and letting the dogs have a great time! Dogs are let out three times a day for 20 minutes to a 1/2 hour in our supervised off-leash recess yards. If your dog is well socialized, likes hanging out and/or playing with other dogs, and we have been given Mom and Dad’s permission, they will love it!!! If your dog is not social with other dogs and enjoys his/her privacy, he/she will love it too, as they will get out three times a day as well, but in their own individual off-leash recess yard! The recess yards are completely enclosed with 6’ secure fencing.

We feed twice a day. It is always advisable to bring your own food and keep your dog’s flora balanced, however, our food transitions well and we are happy to feed it to your dog at no extra charge. We feed Diamond Maintenance for Adult Dogs. We will take care of any special meal accommodations, supplements, or medicines, at no extra cost (as long as you bring the supplies). If you choose to bring your own food, please bring only what is necessary and label it clearly with your dog’s name. We provide (chew proof!) stainless steel food dishes and stainless steel water buckets, which are sanitized between every use.

We encourage the use of safe chew toys such as Kongs, Goughnuts, Nylabones, and hard natural bones. Rawhide and small toys are discouraged, due to the risk of choking or blockage.

Vaccination records must be provided by time of drop off or dog will not be able to board with us.

Required vaccinations are:
Distemper/Parvo Combo (DHPP) or (DA2PP)
- within the last 3 years
- within the last 3 years
Bordetella (for canine cough)
- within 6 months or a year depending on your Veterinarian’s protocol.


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