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About Doggy Daycare

Thousands of pet owners work all day, and this requires leaving your dog home while you work. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing, licking, digging, and/or barking. Often these owners come home to a stressed out dog, and rampant destruction, either of the house, or the yard, and neighbors who complain of barking and howling, due to separation anxiety. One of the top ten reasons given at an animal shelter for owner turn-ins is "he destroys my things when I'm not home". This could be prevented so easily with doggy daycare.

At Bayview Pet Resort, we understand dogs and their need to exercise. Play keeps a dog's body and mind active - and builds a healthier, happier, better behaving pet. Every day is filled with stimulation, interaction, play, as well as nap and quiet time. Activities might include "hide and seek", or "tag", or anything that canine minds can come up with. As dog lovers and pup parents ourselves, we are dedicated to ensuring that your dog is well cared for at all times. Dogs are supervised closely, good behavior and manners between the dogs are encouraged, and the environment in which the dogs interact is always highly controlled and managed.

  1. A full day of exercise and play
  2. Attention from a caring staff
  3. Interaction with other dogs to build positive social behavior and increase social skills
  4. Increased confidence and agility
  5. Stress relief and boredom alleviation
  6. Good behavior and manners are promoted
  7. Peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy while you are at work
  8. Come home to a calm tired dog

Who Can Play?
o All dogs are screened for temperament prior to their first day of daycare. They must be nonaggressive toward people and dogs.
o We accept dogs 16 weeks or older.
o All dogs 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered.
o All dogs must be in good health, free of fleas, ticks, and be under regular veterinary care.
o All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations. We must have documentation from your veterinarian of your dog's distemper, bordatella, and rabies vaccinations.
o If your dog has had a communicable condition within the last 30 days, your dog will not be admitted without a certification of health from a veterinarian.
o We do not accept dogs who are prone to seizures, or who need injections.

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