At Bayview Pet Resort you can feel free to stop by during our business hours anytime. Tours are ALWAYS welcome!!!

Cat Boarding (Special Needs Welcome!)

Tri-Level Cat Condos (6’ 8” tall – total of 21.25 sq. ft.)
Single Occupancy $18/day
Double Occupancy $27/day
Triple Occupancy $36/day
(three levels with extra loft to hide in, private potty area, feeding am/pm, fresh water at all times, disposable scratching posts, lots and lots of TLC!!)
Extra Cat Boarding Services
Massage $5/5 minutes
Brush Out $10
15 Days Or More 5% Discount
Cash Payment 5% Discount
Day Of Departure No charge: check out by 11 am M-F or 10 am Sat-Sun

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